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Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor authentication (2FA)

As a way to tighten up access to the system, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature has been introduced. This will require a user to set up an additional layer of security to avoid phishing. Passwords can be forgotten or compromised, and MFA or two-factor authentication (2FA)...

OEM/Distributor Compliance Status | ICASA-TVWS-2018 Ruleset

As part of Type Approval Process, TV White Space Devices (WSDs) are required to correctly access and communicate with the Secondary GLSD. This normally requires OEM/Distributor to start with the software development to integrate Database Access and Communication in their devices, to compl...

Available Spectrum Query - Applying Dynamic Time Limits

We have published a technical note with the aim to clarity how OEMs can apply dynamic time limits after a successful available spectrum query. The focus is on the regulatory time limits for a Fixed device. The same said in the technical note a...

ICASA issued Full Type Approval Certification of Carlson Wireless Generation 3 TVWS Devices

On Friday the 17th July 2020, the independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has issued Indigo Broadband Pty SA Ltd with a full Type Approval certificate of Carlson Wireless Generation 3 TVWS devices.

This was after undergoing a rigorous regime of tests in...