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Welcome to the CSIR TVWS Secondary Geo-location Spectrum Database
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Television White Spaces (TVWS) is a term used to describe the interleaved or contiguous unused portions of spectrum found between the frequency bands allocated for broadcast Television. TVWS spectrum has superior propagation characteristics such as the ability to penetrate natural and man-made obstacles and can provide signal coverage over very large geographical area.

TVWS is ideal for delivering affordable broadband connectivity to underserved or unserved hard-to-reach rural communities, providing wireless Internet connectivity across campuses, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. TVWS is being considered as enabler in the future global wireless standards such as the fifth generation (5G) ecosystem.

Geo-location spectrum databases (GLSDs) have the benefits of enabling deployment of TVWS-based wireless broadband networks, provide a tool to limit harmful interference to primary TV spectrum users, promote efficient radio frequency (RF) utilisation and the development of enabling regulatory framework for dynamic spectrum access (DSA) policy.

GLSD's are currently the preferred means by regulatory authorities to guide the dynamic spectrum access regulations due to their reliability over other options such as spectrum sensing and beaconing. The CSIR’s GLSD is in compliant with the gazetted “Regulations on the use of TVWS 2018” in South Africa as prescribed by the Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (ICASA).

The Regulations prescribe that all operations of TVWS-based wireless networks will be controlled by certified Secondary Geo-location Spectrum Databases (S-GLSD) providers. While the Authority will monitor operations of S-GLSD providers through a Reference Geo-location Database (R-GLSD).

This tool is available for use by potential TVWS network providers, TVWS original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), network equipment vendors and the general public. For additional information please don’t hesitate to communicate with us by using details provided on the Contact Us page.