As a way to tighten up access to the system, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature has been introduced. This will require a user to set up an additional layer of security to avoid phishing. Passwords can be forgotten or compromised, and MFA or two-factor authentication (2FA) helps with more secure account access, thus making it harder for other people to break in.

The feature is currently available as an optional offer. However, this will be compulsory soon. System users are therefore advised to activate MFA/2FA by editing their profile. It is worth noting that once activated, MFA/2FA can not be disabled. 

Once activated, a user will need to provide MFA/2FA code on the same login form where username and password are provided. If one has not activated, simply ignore the input for MFA/2FA code on the login form.

If one requires support such as resetting the security key for MFA/2FA, please contact the technical team via details on the contact us page