As part of Type Approval Process, TV White Space Devices (WSDs) are required to correctly access and communicate with the Secondary GLSD. This normally requires OEM/Distributor to start with the software development to integrate Database Access and Communication in their devices, to comply with ICASA-TVWS-2018 Ruleset.

There are various stages that the OEM/Distributor will go through, such as:

  • Database Access Integration - OEM/Distributor has started integration of Database Accessand Communication in their devices, but not yet formally assessed.

  • Certified Database Access - OEM/Distributor is complying and conforming with all the requirements for Database Access and Communication

  • Full Type Approval - OEM/Distributor is certified for Database Access and Communication, and has been issued full type approval by the authority

It is only when the OEM/Distributor is at the stage of Full Type Approval when their devices will be permitted to be deployed in the field. Before then, only lab testing on such devices is permitted.

Check this published list of OEM/Distributor Compliance Status to have a view of the current trends in the Republic of South Africa