Welcome to the CSIR –Meraka Institute's Television White Spaces (TVWS) Geo-location Spectrum Database (GLSDB).

Geo-location spectrum databases have the benefits of enabling TVWS network deployment, provide a tool to limit harmful interference to primary TV spectrum users, promote efficient radio frequency (RF) utilization and the development of enabling regulatory framework for dynamic spectrum access (DSA) policy. GLSDBs are currently a preferred means to guide dynamic spectrum access regulations by leading regulators due to their reliability over other options such as spectrum sensing and beaconing. This website hosts such a database to enable trials in shared spectrum broadband networks utilising TV band spectrum. The Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (ICASA) and regional national spectrum regulators support this spectrum database initiative. Currently, the operation of the database is confined to give available TVWS channels at any give location within the republic of South Africa, other countries will be added soon.